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  Current Employment Statistics (CES) - State of Connecticut Last Updated: October 20, 2014
The Current Employment Statistics (CES)  more information program provides the most current estimates of nonfarm employment, hours, and earnings data by industry (place of work) for the nation as a whole, all states, and most major metropolitan areas. The CES survey is a federal-state cooperative endeavor in which states develop state and sub-state data using concepts, definitions, and technical procedures prescribed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Estimates produced by the CES program include both full- and part-time jobs. Excluded are self-employment, as well as agricultural and domestic positions. In Connecticut, more than 4,000 employers are surveyed each month to determine the number of the jobs in the State.
Current Employment StatisticsFiles in HTML & Excel format and may be opened or downloaded  September 2014 
Nonfarm Employment - Not Seasonally Adjusted Nonfarm Employment - Seasonally Adjusted
Production Workers & All Employees Hours & Earnings (NSA)
  • Average Hourly / Weekly Earnings / Weekly Hours (Excel only)

    The private sector workweek, not seasonally adjusted, averaged 33.9 hours in September 2014, lower by two-tenths of an hour from the year-ago estimate of 34.1 hours. Average hourly earnings at $28.26, not seasonally adjusted, were up 33 cents, or 1.2%, from the September 2013 hourly private sector pay figure of $27.93. The resultant average private sector weekly pay was tallied at $958.01, up $5.60, or 0.6% over the year. Current all-employee private sector wage estimates have turned positive over the year recently in a low inflationary environment. The year-to-year change in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U, U.S. City Average, not seasonally adjusted) in September 2014 was not available (release date Oct. 22nd.). Information for the manufacturing production workweek and earnings can be found in the table section of this release under the “Hours and Earnings” data category.

Historical Employment StatisticsFiles in Excel format only and may be opened or downloaded  Benchmark March 2014 
The 2013 benchmarked data is accessible in this temporary unformatted Excel file. The data will be organized into yearly files shortly.
Nonfarm Employment - Not Seasonally Adjusted Nonfarm Employment - Seasonally Adjusted
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