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 5 Steps
Step 1 Find an Occupation
that is Right for You
Step 2 Learn About an Occupation
Step 3 Search for
Education & Training
Step 4 Search for
Jobs & Employers
Step 5 Job Seeker Resources
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Benefits of following the 5 Steps
* Benefits
Help on each of the 5 Steps
* Step 1: Find an Occupation that is Right for You
* Step 2: Learn about an Occupation
* Step 3: Search for Education & Training
* Step 4: Search for Jobs & Employers
* Step 5: Job Seeker Resources
Help on our tools
* How to use the School to Career Guide
* How to use the Occupation Explorer
* How to use the Occupation Keyword Search
* How to use the Connecticut Education & Training ConneCTion
 How to use the Potential Employer Search
    The Potential Employer Search was designed to allow you to find Connecticut businesses that use the occupation you have chosen to pursue. Although this search will not provide postings of specific job openings in those companies, it will provide valuable information such as phone numbers and maps to their location that you can use to inquire about a possible position.

First, you must let us know the general occupational field that you are interested in. This will allow us to present a list of possible occupations that may suit you. You may enter a keyword or choose from our list of Occupation Groups, and click 'Go' to search for occupations in our database that contain the word or words you entered.

Screen shot of the Potential Employer Search.

Whether you chose an occupation group or entered a keyword, a new page will display the occupations which apply to your selection. You can now choose the specific occupation that you are interested in. You can narrow down your list of potential employers by specifying a region or regions in which you'd prefer to work, and/or the size(s) of company that you would like to work in.

Click the 'Next' button at the bottom of the page to display employers of your occupation.

Screen shot of the second section of Potential Employer Search.

Since many occupations are utilized by a large number of Connecticut employers, you have the option to narrow your search by choosing the specific industry in which you would most like to work.

The industries which employ the occupation you selected are displayed in 'Industry Groupings' that each contain a number of related industries.

You can scroll down the page until you see a grouping that interests you, or you can use the drop down box located above the list to navigate directly to a specific group.

The purple star image indicates that the industry is one of the top employers of the occupation you have chosen.

To view a list of employers, click one of the underlined industries.

Screen shot of the Potential Employer Search, displaying the number of industries that match the search criteria.

The list is comprised of businesses in the region(s) you chose, whose employee counts are within the company size(s) you chose, and whose primary industry matches your selection. You may sort this list by 'Company Name' or by 'City' by using the drop-down box above the list or the by using arrows in the column headers.

Screen shot of the Potential Employer Search, displaying the number of employers that match the search criteria.

Once the list of potential employers comes up, click on an underlined company name to see the detailed information on that company.
Click the 'View a Map' button to see a map containing the company's address.

To view a different company, click the 'Employer List' button to return to the list of employers.

Screen shot of the Potential Employer Search, displaying detailed information on the chosen company.

Print out a copy of the company details by using the printer-friendly version link located at the bottom of the page.

Screen shot of the Potential Employer Search, displaying the printer-friendly version of the Employer details.

* How to use the Local Services Search
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