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      Frequently Asked Questions January 17, 2018   
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Using the Online System:
How do I obtain access to the Online New Hire Reporting features?
  When trying to access the Login Page, I get a message that "Certificate Authority is Expired". What does this mean?
  I don't know if I submitted a new hire, or I think I may have made an error in reporting a new hire. Can I view the new hires I previously submitted?
  I already submitted a new hire and I now discover that an error was made in the information I submitted. How do I correct this error?
  If I report a new hire via the Internet, do I need to follow up with a paper copy?
  Why can't I report a New Hire that is more than 180 days old? I was reviewing our records and discovered I forgot to report a New Hire.
  Why can't I have an additional UserID and Password assigned for my company for reporting New Hires?
  Why must I register for Unemployment Insurance (UI) purposes before I can report New Hires?
      From your answers to preliminary status determination questions, you may be liable to register for Unemployment Insurance (UI) purposes. If it is determined that you are liable, then you will receive a UserID (which is your company's UI account number) and Password that will allow you to report both for Unemployment Insurance (UI) purposes as well as for New Hires.
  What are the requirements and file format for submitting files via FTP?
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