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New Haven LMA (1Q 2017)
All Industry
Estimated employment40
Mean wage$138.48
Entry wageN/A
10th percentile wage$97.45
50th percentile wageN/A
90th percentile wageN/A
Top Employing Industries
 IndustryEmployment / Percent
Education and Health Services40100.0%
Top Paying Industries
 IndustryEmployment / Median Wage
Education and Health Services40
Surgeons (29-1067)
Treat diseases, injuries, and deformities by invasive methods, such as manual manipulation or by using instruments and appliances.
Median Wage History
Compared to
Occupational Group
Current$0.00 $76727.60  -$76727.60
2016$0.00NaN$74932.10 +2.4%-$74932.10
2015$0.00NaN$73495.70 +2.0%-$73495.70
2014$0.00NaN$72119.16 +1.9%-$72119.15
2013$0.00NaN$70742.61 +1.9%-$70742.60
2012$0.00NaN$69366.06 +2.0%-$69366.05
2011$0.00NaN$68288.76 +1.6%-$68288.76
2010$0.00NaN$67091.76 +1.8%-$67091.76
2009$0.00NaN$66373.56 +1.1%-$66373.56
2008$0.00NaN$64398.52 +3.1%-$64398.51
Compared to
All Occupations
Current$0.00 $44849.04  -$44849.04
2016$0.00NaN$43415.83 +3.3%-$43415.82
2015$0.00NaN$42506.96 +2.1%-$42506.96
2014$0.00NaN$41598.10 +2.2%-$41598.09
2013$0.00NaN$40759.14 +2.1%-$40759.14
2012$0.00NaN$40060.02 +1.7%-$40060.01
2011$0.00NaN$39430.80 +1.6%-$39430.80
2010$0.00NaN$38766.63 +1.7%-$38766.62
2009$0.00NaN$38242.28 +1.4%-$38242.28
2008$0.00NaN$37263.50 +2.6%-$37263.50
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