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State of Connecticut (1Q 2020)
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Estimated employment710
Mean wageN/A
Entry wageN/A
10th percentile wageN/A
50th percentile wageN/A
90th percentile wageN/A
 Top Employing Industries
Trade, Transportation,, and Utilities36050.9%
Professional and Business Services33046.2%
 Best Paying Industries
Median Wage
Professional and Business Services330$36.52
Trade, Transportation,, and Utilities360$29.21
Interior Designers (27-1025)
Plan, design, and furnish the internal space of rooms or buildings. Design interior environments or create physical layouts that are practical, aesthetic, and conducive to the intended purposes. May specialize in a particular field, style, or phase of interior design. Excludes Merchandise Displayers and Window Trimmers (27-1026).
Median Wage History
Compared to
Occupational Group
Current$0.00 $58978.51  -$58978.51
2019$0.00NaN$57099.40 +3.3%-$57099.39
2018$0.00NaN$55604.65 +2.7%-$55604.64
2017$0.00NaN$54323.44 +2.4%-$54323.43
2016$0.00NaN$53469.29 +1.6%-$53469.29
2015$0.00NaN$52444.32 +2.0%-$52444.32
2014$0.00NaN$51462.06 +1.9%-$51462.05
2013$0.00NaN$50479.80 +1.9%-$50479.79
2012$0.00NaN$49497.53 +2.0%-$49497.53
2011$0.00NaN$48728.81 +1.6%-$48728.80
Compared to
All Occupations
Current$0.00 $49770.72  -$49770.72
2019$0.00NaN$47750.11 +4.2%-$47750.11
2018$0.00NaN$46296.70 +3.1%-$46296.69
2017$0.00NaN$45055.97 +2.8%-$45055.97
2016$0.00NaN$44027.94 +2.3%-$44027.94
2015$0.00NaN$43106.26 +2.1%-$43106.26
2014$0.00NaN$42184.58 +2.2%-$42184.58
2013$0.00NaN$41333.80 +2.1%-$41333.80
2012$0.00NaN$40624.82 +1.7%-$40624.81
2011$0.00NaN$39986.73 +1.6%-$39986.73