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Torrington LMA (1Q 2017)
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Estimated employment20
Mean wageN/A
Entry wageN/A
10th percentile wageN/A
50th percentile wageN/A
90th percentile wageN/A
Public Relations Specialists (27-3031)
Engage in promoting or creating good will for individuals, groups, or organizations by writing or selecting favorable publicity material and releasing it through various communications media. May prepare and arrange displays, and make speeches.
Median Wage History
Compared to
Occupational Group
Current$0.00 $38733.41  -$38733.41
2016$0.00NaN$37827.01 +2.4%-$37827.01
2015$0.00NaN$37101.89 +2.0%-$37101.89
2014$0.00NaN$36406.99 +1.9%-$36406.98
2013$0.00NaN$35712.08 +1.9%-$35712.08
2012$0.00NaN$35017.18 +2.0%-$35017.17
2011$0.00NaN$34473.34 +1.6%-$34473.33
2010$0.00NaN$33869.07 +1.8%-$33869.07
2009$0.00NaN$33506.51 +1.1%-$33506.51
2008$0.00NaN$32509.48 +3.1%-$32509.47
Compared to
All Occupations
Current$0.00 $39293.78  -$39293.78
2016$0.00NaN$38038.09 +3.3%-$38038.09
2015$0.00NaN$37241.81 +2.1%-$37241.80
2014$0.00NaN$36445.52 +2.2%-$36445.51
2013$0.00NaN$35710.48 +2.1%-$35710.48
2012$0.00NaN$35097.95 +1.7%-$35097.95
2011$0.00NaN$34546.67 +1.6%-$34546.67
2010$0.00NaN$33964.77 +1.7%-$33964.77
2009$0.00NaN$33505.37 +1.4%-$33505.37
2008$0.00NaN$32647.83 +2.6%-$32647.83
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