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Hartford LMA (1Q 2017)
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Estimated employment120
Mean wageN/A
Entry wageN/A
10th percentile wageN/A
50th percentile wageN/A
90th percentile wageN/A
Court Reporters (23-2091)
Use verbatim methods and equipment to capture, store, retrieve, and transcribe pretrial and trial proceedings or other information. Include stenocaptioners who operate computerized stenographic captioning equipment to provide captions of live or prerecorded broadcasts for hearing-impaired viewers.
Median Wage History
Compared to
Occupational Group
Current$0.00 $86185.64  -$86185.64
2016$0.00NaN$84168.82 +2.4%-$84168.81
2015$0.00NaN$82555.36 +2.0%-$82555.35
2014$0.00NaN$81009.12 +1.9%-$81009.12
2013$0.00NaN$79462.89 +1.9%-$79462.89
2012$0.00NaN$77916.66 +2.0%-$77916.65
2011$0.00NaN$76706.56 +1.6%-$76706.56
2010$0.00NaN$75362.01 +1.8%-$75362.01
2009$0.00NaN$74555.28 +1.1%-$74555.28
2008$0.00NaN$72336.78 +3.1%-$72336.77
Compared to
All Occupations
Current$0.00 $47891.21  -$47891.21
2016$0.00NaN$46360.78 +3.3%-$46360.78
2015$0.00NaN$45390.27 +2.1%-$45390.26
2014$0.00NaN$44419.75 +2.2%-$44419.75
2013$0.00NaN$43523.89 +2.1%-$43523.88
2012$0.00NaN$42777.34 +1.7%-$42777.33
2011$0.00NaN$42105.44 +1.6%-$42105.44
2010$0.00NaN$41396.22 +1.7%-$41396.22
2009$0.00NaN$40836.31 +1.4%-$40836.30
2008$0.00NaN$39791.14 +2.6%-$39791.13
Note: The mid-wage is the median wage. The average wage is the mean wage. The entry-level wage is equal to the average of the lower third of reported wages for the occupation. The wage range consists of the 10th and 90th percentiles; 80% of workers earn between this wage range, 10% earn less while 10% earn more.
Reference Date: 1st Quarter 2017
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