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Estimated employmentN/A
Mean wage$99.18
Entry wage$34.29
10th percentile wage$16.12
50th percentile wageN/A
90th percentile wageN/A
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Ambulatory Health Care Services
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Median Wage
Ambulatory Health Care Services
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (29-1022)
Perform surgery on mouth, jaws, and related head and neck structure to execute difficult and multiple extractions of teeth, to remove tumors and other abnormal growths, to correct abnormal jaw relations by mandibular or maxillary revision, to prepare mouth for insertion of dental prosthesis, or to treat fractured jaws.
Mean Wage History
Compared to
Occupational Group
Current$0.00 $74342.03  -$74342.03
2015$0.00NaN$72453.98 +2.6%-$72453.97
2014$0.00NaN$71096.94 +1.9%-$71096.94
2013$0.00NaN$69739.90 +1.9%-$69739.90
2012$0.00NaN$68382.87 +2.0%-$68382.86
2011$0.00NaN$67320.84 +1.6%-$67320.83
2010$0.00NaN$66140.81 +1.8%-$66140.80
2009$0.00NaN$65432.79 +1.1%-$65432.78
2008$0.00NaN$63485.73 +3.1%-$63485.73
2007$0.00NaN$61361.68 +3.5%-$61361.67
Compared to
All Occupations
Current$0.00 $44614.59  -$44614.59
2015$0.00NaN$43366.38 +2.9%-$43366.38
2014$0.00NaN$42439.14 +2.2%-$42439.13
2013$0.00NaN$41583.22 +2.1%-$41583.22
2012$0.00NaN$40869.96 +1.7%-$40869.96
2011$0.00NaN$40228.02 +1.6%-$40228.02
2010$0.00NaN$39550.42 +1.7%-$39550.42
2009$0.00NaN$39015.48 +1.4%-$39015.47
2008$0.00NaN$38016.91 +2.6%-$38016.90
2007$0.00NaN$36804.36 +3.3%-$36804.36
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