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Census 1990 - Table 4. Population by Gender and Race/Ethnicity as a Percentage of the Total Population
   Table 4. Population by Gender and Race/Ethnicity as a Percentage of the Total Population (Census 1990) Last Updated: May 11, 2010 
Connecticut Metropolitan Statistical Areas*
Bridgeport443,722 78.4%21.6%9.8%10.1%1.4%0.2%0.1%51.9%48.1%
Bristol79,488 95.3%4.7%1.6%2.3%0.7%0.1%0.1%51.2%48.8%
Danbury187,867 91.0%9.0%2.7%3.8%2.3%0.1%0.1%50.6%49.4%
Hartford767,841 80.6%19.4%10.0%7.6%1.5%0.2%0.1%51.6%48.4%
Middletown90,320 90.4%9.6%5.9%2.3%1.3%0.2%0.1%51.0%49.0%
New Britain148,188 85.4%14.6%4.1%9.0%1.3%0.1%0.1%51.7%48.3%
New Haven530,180 80.3%19.7%11.7%6.2%1.5%0.2%0.1%52.0%48.0%
New London238,341 89.8%10.2%4.8%3.5%1.3%0.5%0.1%49.4%50.6%
Norwalk127,378 82.2%17.8%9.6%6.5%1.6%0.1%0.1%51.7%48.3%
Stamford202,557 80.6%19.4%9.7%6.8%2.7%0.1%0.1%52.4%47.6%
Waterbury221,629 85.0%15.0%6.5%7.4%0.7%0.2%0.1%52.1%47.9%
Total3,037,511 82.9%17.1%8.6%7.0%1.6%0.2%0.1%55.8%52.4%
 NOTE: Total Minority represents an unduplicated count of Hispanics and all races other than White.

* The 1990 Census data presented in this EEO Special File were compiled according to MSA's established following the 1980 Census.

Tables 1 through 4 -- Total Population by Gender and Race/Ethnicity

 Other Miscellaneous Information Related to The Affirmative Action Plan
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