Super Communicating: An Expressway to Success

Students often feel that the academic courses they study in school are not really helpful in the workplace. They are not aware of which jobs require the knowledge and skills they learn from those studies. The following information will give you some ideas on how a knowledge of languages can be useful in different work settings.

Whether we learn our languages at home or in school, speaking two or more languages can be the passport into a world of fascinating careers. Knowing more than one language can strengthen our skills as communicators, enhance our cultural sensitivity, and increase our understanding of the nature of language.

Bilingual and Multilingual Careers

The ability to use two or more languages can be an asset in any job. It can be helpful for jobs in public relations, health care, government, and many other areas. Imagine the possibilities of speaking English and Spanish – or Cantonese, or French, or Hindi, or Portuguese, or German, or Romanian, or Russian, or American Sign Language, or ...

People who speak two or more languages have special qualifications for work in:





Health Care

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