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Occupation Description:
  Manage, improve, and protect natural resources to maximize their use without damaging the environment. May conduct soil surveys and develop plans to eliminate soil erosion or to protect rangelands. May instruct farmers, agricultural production managers, or ranchers in best ways to use crop rotation, contour plowing, or terracing to conserve soil and water; in the number and kind of livestock and forage plants best suited to particular ranges; and in range and farm improvements, such as fencing and reservoirs for stock watering. Excludes “Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists" (19-1023) and "Foresters" (19-1032).
Career Video:
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  Specialized Occupations:
  * Soil and Water Conservationists (ONET code: 19-1031.01)
  * Range Managers (ONET code: 19-1031.02)
  * Park Naturalists (ONET code: 19-1031.03)
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Education & Training:
  Bachelor's degree
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Wage Information:
Region Average Annual Average Hourly Entry Level (hourly) Mid-Range  (hourly)
Statewide $88,185.00 $42.39 $30.63 $35.96 - $49.66
Bridgeport/Stamford $76,179.00 $36.62 $28.60 $30.29 - $44.18
Hartford $101,448.00 $48.77 $41.76 $46.07 - $54.50
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Occupation Outlook:
Region Employment Average Annual Growth Rate Average Annual Job Openings
2012 2022
State of Connecticut 70 70 0.7% 2
Chart of Growth Rate and Annual Openings   Employment in this occupation is expected to grow about as fast as average, but the number of annual openings will offer limited job opportunities.
  N/A = Not Applicable, ***** = Over $60.00 per hour, ##### = Over $124,821
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